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Procedures for Posting Case Western Reserve University Programming Content on the University Channel

(1) The University Channel seeks and accepts only programs that are related to public policy. In order to certify the nature of the content, all Case Western Reserve University programming content intended for distribution on the University Channel must be approved by the Center for Policy Studies at Case Western Reserve University. Please submit your program for approval to the Center for Policy Studies at

(2) A copyright permission form (PDF) from all participating speakers must be obtained and submitted to the Director of the Center for Policy Studies prior to submission of programming content to the University Channel.

(3) A link to all University Channel approved content from Case Western Reserve University will be maintained on the Case Western Reserve University Policy Blog.


Those interested in archiving their video or audio programming content should contact the Digital Case program at Kelvin Smith Library.

About the University Channel...

The University Channel makes audio and video of academic lectures and events from all over the world available to the public.  It is a place where academics can air their ideas and present research in a full-length, uncut format.  Contributors with greater video production capabilities can submit original productions.

The University Channel presents ideas in a way commercial news or public affairs programming cannot.  Because it is neither constrained by time nor dependent upon commercial feedback, the University Channel's video content can be broad and flexible enough to cover the full gamut of academic investigation.

While it has unlimited potential, the University Channel begins with a focus on public and international affairs, because this is an area which lends itself most naturally to a many-sided discussion. Perhaps of greatest advantage to universities who seek to expand their dialog with overseas institutions and international affairs, the University Channel can "go global" and become a truly international forum.

The University Channel aims to become, literally, a "channel" for important thought, to be heard in its entirety. Television has become so much a part of the fabric of our world that it should be more than an academic interest. It should be an academic tool.

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