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Undergraduate Minor Program

The Public Policy minor program is open to all undergraduates at Case Western Reserve University.

It consists of 15 credit hours:

ECON 102: Principles of Microeconomics (3 credit hours)

A course on the Policy Process (3 credit hours)

POSC 386: Making Public Policy (3 credit hours), is recommended, but students can also use POSC 306, Interest Groups in the Policy Process (3 credit hours), or POSC 383, Health Policy and Politics in the U.S. (3 credit hours),

One course from the following list of approved courses in Policy Institutions:

HSTY 256: American Political History (3 credit hours)

HSTY 358: America Since 1940 (3 credit hours)

POSC 308: The American Presidency (3 credit hours)

POSC 310: The Legislative Process (3 credit hours)

POSC 323: Judicial Politics (3 credit hours)

POSC 385: U.S. Bureaucratic Politics (3 credit hours)

Two courses from an approved list of courses in a specific policy field. (e.g., health care, the environment, business and the economy, science and technology policy, nonprofit and charitable organizations, social policy)

An undergraduate may also propose another specific field of policy and may petition to have courses added to the approved list of public policy courses.

For further information contact Professor Joseph White, Department of Political Science, Mather House, 368-2426 or e-mail to