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Joseph White, Ph.D. – Health Care Policy, Budget Policy, and Politics Articles

Budget Policy and Politics

Long-Term Budgeting. Working Paper for National Budgeting Roundtable (PDF)

What are budgeting’s purposes? Comments on OECD’s principles of good budgetary governance (PDF)

Jimmy Carter’s and James Miller’s Revenge: The Reasons and the Consequences for Presidential and Congressional Power of Measures to Ban Congressional “Earmarks” (PDF)

The Challenge of Budgeting for Health Care Programs (PDF)

Making “Common Sense” of Federal Budgeting (PDF)

Budgeting for Entitlements (PDF)

Presidents, Congress, and Budget Decisions (PDF)

Social Security’s Effects on the Federal Budget Deficit: Economics and Politics (PDF)

Medicare and the Federal Budget: Misdiagnosed Problems, Inadequate Solutions (PDF)

From Ambition to Desperation on the Budget (PDF)

Playing the Wrong PART: The Program Assessment Rating Tool and the Functions of the President’s Budget (PDF)

The President’s Budget vs. Congressional Budgeting: Institutionalizing the Adversarial Presidency? (PDF)

Health Care Policy

The Tax Exclusion for Employer-Sponsored Insurance Is Not Regressive – But What Is It? (PDF)

The Health Insurance Tax Exemption Makes Care More Affordable, Not Less

Is Organizational Complexity the Way to Improve Medical Care? Unscientific Reflections From Going to the Doctor in Cleveland and Paris (PDF)

Budget-Makers and Health Care Systems (PDF)

Cost Control after the ACA (PDF)

The 2010 U.S. Health Care Reform: Approaching and Avoiding How Other Countries Finance Health Care (PDF)

Cutting Health Care Spending: What is the Cost of an Excise Tax that Keeps People from Going to the Doctor? (PDF)

Public Attitudes Toward Health Care Spending Aren’t The Problem; Prices Are (PDF)

Systemwide Cost Control — The Missing Link in Health Care Reform (PDF)

The Obama Administration’s Options for Health Care Cost Control: Hope Versus Reality (PDF)

Implementing Health Care Reform with All-Payer Regulation, Private Insurers, and a Voluntary Public Insurance Plan (PDF)

Cost Control and Health Care Reform – The Case for All-Payer Regulation (PDF)

Health Care Politics

My Health Policy Nightmare

Prices, Volume, and the Perverse Effects of the Variations Crusade (PDF)

The Politics of Belief and U.S. Health Care Reform (PDF)

Muddling Through the Muddled Middle (PDF)

Joseph White CV (PDF)