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Past Center for Policy Studies Programming

Fall 2017

October 4: China and America in an Age of Turmoil

September 18: Freedom of Expression on College Campuses

Spring 2017

April 25: The French Presidential Election

April 6: Jews and Jazz: Improvising Ethnicity

March 6: Israeli Politics from Soup to Nuts

February 7: Are There Any Norms Left? What Clues 2016 Offers to America During the Trump Presidency

Fall 2016

September 19: Marijuana Legalization and Federalism

Spring 2016

April 18: Obama, the Senate, and Judicial Appointments

March 14: Foreign Policy and the 2016 Election

Fall 2015

November 5: The New and Old Politics of Congressional Elections

October 5: The Revenge of the Nerds, and Other Dispatches from the Intellectual Property Wars

September 16: Sexual Misconduct on College Campuses: Justice and Due Process

Spring 2015

March 31: The Democracy Establishment

February 24: Wealth, Health, and Democracy in East Asia and Latin America

February 9: The Prison at Guantanamo Bay and America’s “Commitment to Justice”

Fall 2014

October 29: The Protests in Hong Kong: Who? Why? What’s Next?

September 29: The New Heroin Epidemic

September 17: Executive Overreach: The President On His Own?

September 16: A Critical Evaluation of Occupy, Now

September 10: EBOLA: International Risks and International Response

Spring 2014

March 28: The Future of the Ukraine

February 27: Can Globalization Be Governed?

Fall 2013

October 25: Targets, Markets, and the English National Health Service

September 16: Triggering the Second Amendment: The Constitutionality of Gun Rights and Gun Control

Spring 2013

April 1: Why and How the U. S. Should Support the Syrian Uprising

Fall 2012

October 29: China Town Hall Meeting: Local Connections, National Reflections

October 26: Insecure Majorities: Congress and the Permanent Campaign

October 4: The Presidency in a Partisan Era

September 28: The Art and Culture of Revolt in the Middle East

September 17: Internet Piracy and the Constitution

Spring 2012

April 17: Party and Ideology

April 10: Deng Xiaoping and the Opening of China

March 26: Going Out (zou chuqu) and Arrival In (desembarco): China, Latin America, and Contemporary Globalization

March 6: The Evolution of Global Climate Change Institutions

Fall 2011

September 15: Same-Sex Marriage and the Constitution

November 3: THE FALL OF THE FACULTY: Governing Universities in the 21st Century

Spring 2011

February 17: Awash in Debt: State Liabilities and the Future of the Chinese Economy

March 3: Democracy, Diplomacy, and US Interests in Egypt: The Freedom Agenda of George W. Bush

April 17: Democratic Peace and War in Africa: A Comparison of Risk, Reciprocity and Citizenship in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire

Fall 2010

September 17: States’ Uprising: The Constitutionality of Health Care Reform

September 25: The Budget Deficit: How Big an Issue, and What Should Be Done About It